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DREAM has substantially collaborated to the organization of the 8th edition of the International Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC). This annual conference is the reference scientific event a unique gathering place for top researchers around the world in the field of Sound and Music Computing.
The scientific program focuses on such themes as sound processing and synthesis, multimodal human-computer interaction and virtual reality, sound design, preservation and modeling of music heritage, sound and music information retrieval, musical social networks. The conference also includes a music program with four concerts, and a 5-days Summer School with about 20 selected PhD students and young researchers.

The conference is linked to DREAM activities in several respects. The focus of the summer school is on the embodied links between sound, music, and movement, and this theme is explored from several viewpoints, including novel sound synthesis techniques and multimodal interaction technologies used to develop the DREAM virtual instruments.
The scientific program includes two papers reporting on DREAM research. One paper presents initial results on the numerical simulation of the “amplitude selector” (one of the devices of the Studio which are being recreated in the project). The second paper describes an interactive realization of Henri Pousseur’s ‘Scambi’, one of the most interesting compositions produced at the Studio.
The music program also relates to DREAM activities. In particular, Concert 2 (curated by Ron Kuivila) features works that explore the correlations and anticorrelations of digital and analog electronic music systems, and define digital models of analog live electronic systems.

The Technical Program Committee received 136 submissions, from which 30 were presented as oral communications and 43 as posters. For the Music Program, concert curators selected 16 works among 77 music submissions. Contributions were sent from 37 countries and 5 continents. The total number of participants is around 160.

All conference materials, including the book of proceedings, the conference guide, the conference papers, conference pictures, are available at the conference website.

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